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A celebration of thoughtful design, artisan products and embracing the perfectly imperfect nature of natural materials, allow us to introduce you to our new collection, RAW By Concrete Nation.

Inspired by the allure and warmth of earth tones and raw textures, the exclusive collection comprises of three new hand-packed basins – Cosa [right] Terra and Milos – in three alluring custom earth-toned colours, Clay, Oyster and Stone.

“Following the success of our textured Malta Basin, we wanted RAW to be a small collection of three unique basins in beautiful, earthy colours that let the texture speak for itself,” says Concrete Nation's co-founder, Kate Lett.

“If this year has taught us anything, it is that we have a strong desire to connect to nature and that our interiors should be serene, layered and warm spaces we can retreat to in a fast-paced digital world.

“As a result, there really is a renewed appreciation for, and a return to, thoughtful design and craftsmanship. This collection is a real celebration of bespoke design, artisan products and embracing the perfectly imperfect nature of natural materials."

The handcrafted RAW collection is available online now and from select retailers across Australia and internationally.

We would love to hear your thoughts, and hope you love these handcrafted pieces as much as we do.

Images: Mark Llewellyn, emvielle photography

Tapware: Meir Australia

Lights: We Ponder

The RAW pieces, Cosa, Terra and Milos, were designed and meticulously handcrafted to showcase architectural concrete in is rawest, most natural form.

"The antithesis of polished, mass-produced pieces and cookie-cutter products, our RAW basins Cosa, Terra and Milos truly are works of art."

— Concrete Nation co-founder Kate Lett.


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