You might remember Bec Douros and her husband George from The Block: Sky High in 2013. Since then, the show favourites have been working tirelessly on their own renovation projects and building their successful company Nectaar, a home renovation and design consultancy and building company while raising their two little boys, Archie and Lenny. The Concrete Nation team will be working with the formidable Melbourne-based duo on an upcoming project and had the great pleasure of chatting to the talented Bec about their current projects - they have SEVEN on the go right now! - interior trends for 2019 and her top tips for budding renovators.

What projects are you currently working on?

We are currently working on a huge renovation on George’s family home. It is by far the biggest and most challenging renovation we have ever taken on. We also have an interior design and building business and, between my designers and myself, we are currently juggling seven projects.

What are your top tips for those considering renovating a property?

Take the time to plan in every way you can. Plan out the timeline, the financials, the trades and then the schematics for each zone. Without planning you will run into all types of headaches! 

Any interior design hacks you wish to share?

Research your options; it doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive! For example, basic joinery can be jazzed up with classy handles. Spend less on cabinetry fronts and invest in some quality handles. Take the time to detail a lighting plan for every space. Downlights are out and functional, considered lighting is the way to go. If you have a beautiful hero feature - like the stunning Concrete Nation baths - accent that hero piece with some inexpensive directional lighting or a moody pendant.

What are your thoughts on incorporating architectural concrete pieces into a home? 

I am a very tactile person so I love when there is a vanity of finishes in a space to add interest. Concrete is such a stunning material as it can be rough and exposed to add drama or smooth to look sexy and you can change it up with colours to add interest. It is a stunning product.

Do you have a signature style?

When it is a space that I am designing for one of my personal projects, I really just like to use materials and pieces that I fall in love with; I feel all my selections always tie together and form a refined space that reflects my style of work but I don’t really have a name for it! All projects I take on for clients are completely about them and their brief. My main goal is to always create a space they will love to be in.

Most inspiring project to date?

The one we are currently completing. I am inspired by its history, its story and the era it was originally constructed in.

Any trends you predict will be huge in 2019?

Black is really coming through in interiors, exteriors and homewares. All black kitchens and pops of black in homewares and furniture are really coming through with a statement. There is also a huge shift in sustainable and ethically sourced materials. 

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