As part of our series introducing the people behind our brand, meet our sales manager, Cherie Graham. A smart, organised, people-person, this hardworking mother-of-three is our secret weapon at HQ and we couldn't do what we do without her. She also has exceptional taste and a keen eye for design so we chatted trends, her interior hacks and tips for budding renovators.

What interior trends are you loving right now?

Clean lines and a simple colour palette. I’m loving that there is a great appreciation for the use of natural materials and finishes that is trending.   

Do you have any go-to online or retail stores for homewares, aside from Concrete Nation?

There are so many amazing places these days. My absolute go-tos are Blacklist Store [online], Create EstateThe Borrowed Nursery, Freedom and Drift Trading Co.

Describe your own home...

I would say modern. I chose a bold exterior that is all black and monument and kept it light and simple inside with timber floors and white walls; I did go with a black kitchen, though! Then it was just a matter of filling it with soft furnishings, artwork and plants… and more plants! I love to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting to make anyone feel at home.

Favourite Concrete Nation project to date?

That’s a hard one! We had a customer who built a duplex in Palm Beach and had some cool ideas/designs. He was fun and easy to work with and you could tell he had a real appreciation for the product. It’s always rewarding to see the designs come together. 

Who/what are your design inspirations?

Is it cheesy to say our customers? We deal with a lot of incredible architects and Interior designers that continuously inspire me with their creativity.

Favourite Concrete Nation piece?

We worked with CRU Collective awhile back to create an amazing bespoke vanity for Cornerstone Stores at Tugun. It was such an interesting design and fun to see come to life.

You have renovated previously. Any tips for those going through the process?

Patience! In all seriousness, though, do your research and create a mood board so that when it comes to making those final decisions, you are not swayed too easily by all the choices as it can be so overwhelming! You want the end result to be cohesive throughout and aligned with what you had originally pictured it to be.

Any interior design tips/hacks you care to share?

Be confident! For me its all about colour choice so as long as you are clever with your colours, you can mix your budget items with your splurge items. Your confidence will show in your overall design.

What items are on your lust-have list?

There’s too many! I am in the process of landscaping my house at the moment and I’m totally lusting over black breezeblocks. I’m determined to fit them into the design somewhere, somehow!