WITH its white cladded exterior, Palm Springs-esque landscaping and indoor/outdoor living, Bilinga Beach Abode is the stuff beach shack dreams are made of. 

Owners Aaron and Sarah Waters purchased the property, then a 1970s red brick three-bedroom, one-bathroom home in the laidback beachside suburb of Bilinga at the southern end of Queensland’s Gold Coast, in 2008 and set about transforming it into the ultimate family beach pad for themselves and their three young children, Brax, 7, Frankie, 4, and one-year-old Chili.

The property is now a five bedroom, two-bathroom oasis with an outdoor fireplace, tiled swimming pool and skate ramp and has developed a considerable following on social media.

We had the pleasure of handcrafting a white Oasis bath and two pink Halo basins for their dreamy ensuite, and look forward to working with the couple on one killer main bathroom in the coming weeks.

 We had a chat with Aaron, one of the affable lads behind Balter Brewing Company, about renovating, creating their dream family home and architectural concrete.

You're still in the process of renovating your place into the ultimate beach pad for your family. Can you tell us a little bit about your renovation/the process? 

We purchased the property in 2008. It was red brick with black guttering and a yellow roof and the internal walls were yellow asbestos throughout.

Originally, our thoughts were to renovate cheaply and sell the house but we fell in love with Bilinga so we decided to change its course and wanted to renovate for the long-term for our growing family. We wanted to make it safe for the kids and somewhere we would be excited to come home to. 

Firstly, we turned our garage into a fourth bedroom and built a double garage closer to the front boundary. This was followed by a guest house out the back and 100 square-metre extension to the rear of the house to face north-east looking over a new pool, fire place and outdoor kitchen. 

We recently completed a new ensuite and are now moving towards renovating another bathroom. Our architect, Christian Butler, is amazing and so easy to work with. All of our incredible trades have become really good friends along the way.

 How would you describe the look and feel of the home? 

 We would say it is a coastal Palm Springs combination. We love the high-pitched exposed ceiling that would represent a coastal beach shack but the landscaping and textures of a modern Palm Springs home. There’s a lot of white to let the features of the house pop.

 Who/what was your style inspiration? 

We originally we fell in love with a coastal Cape Town house in South Africa. With our mutual love of the beach and our positioning, it inspired us to build something similar - with a twist.

What is your favourite part of the house?

It actually depends on the time of the year. In summer, you would have to say the pool, but in winter, we have an outdoor fireplace/chimney. In saying that, we have our new ensuite and it just hit the mark on what we really wanted in this space; not just the flow and size but open plan to bring the inside out to tie in the bedroom and make it very relaxing.

You have used our Oasis bath and Halo basins in your ensuite. What appealed to you about using architectural concrete? 

It was the textures we wanted to bring into that bathroom. We were not looking for a glossy look and really wanted to have warmth and substance - a real touch/feel kind of approach that softened the room. When it came down to the colour palette, it was bang on and the fact we could work with the amazing team to have options on getting it right really appealed to us.

What brands are some of your interior go-tos?

 Being exposed to so many great businesses there a lot to mention but we love Concrete Nation, ABI Interiors,  Hello Trader, Soktas Lighting, Tile Trends, Jatana Tiles , Au Fait Living, Cotton Living, Jai Vasicek, Kira & Kira, Scyon, Tailored Space, Hunting for George, Dragon Tree Australia, The Borrowed Nursery, Sea Tribe and My Kind of Bliss.

 You have generated quite the following on Instagram, and some very high-profile brands have done shoots at your house. Has its popularity taken you by surprise and why do you think your home has been so well received? 

 Very much so! It really it is overwhelming to say the least. We sort of fell into it by accident and never set out for it to happen as, really, it is just our hobby and it is what we are passionate about. 

Now, we are quite lucky as we have met some amazing people through them shooting at our house and developed great friends and come across some amazing products and businesses.

 At the end of the day, we are really grateful that people like what we are doing and will hopefully inspire others on a renovation journey.

Take a tour of this inspring space below:

Our Halo Basin in Dusty Pink with tapwear by our friends at ABI Interiors

Our Halo Basin in Dusty Pink with tapwear by our friends at ABI Interiors

Our Oasis Bath in Natural White and ABi Interiors

Our Oasis Bath in Natural White and ABi Interiors