Image: Andy Macpherson Studio

Image: Andy Macpherson Studio

THERE are stylish beach abodes, and there is the Minimal Villa.

 With its blemished tones of concrete and timer, black detailing and industrial edge, this architecturally designed three-storey villa at Palm Beach at the southern Gold Coast really is like a design-led, luxury boutique hotel.

 We had the great pleasure of creating handcrafted concrete pieces – including the kitchen island bench tops, ensuite vanity tops with ramp sinks, bar tops, baths, Eclipse basins, laundry bench tops, planter boxes, dining table top, beside table tops and a desk top in a marble effect - for Minimal Villa owners, Aaron and Georgia Wilson, when they were creating their dream home with award-winning architect Shane Denman of Shane Denman Architects, and SDM Builders.

The couple, who live in the contemporary villa with their 18-month-old son Hux and two French bulldogs, have been overwhelmed by the love for their beach pad and are now inundated with requests to rent the modern property for shoots.

Take a home tour below, and you’ll see why!

 “Our parents live on the same street so we pack up the family and head to their house for the day when we have a shoot booked,” Georgia told Concrete Nation. 

 After an 11-month build, the family are relishing every minute in their light-filled home in the coveted beachside locale, which is brimming with cafes, restaurants and bars.

 Georgia said she struggles to choose her favourite part of their dream home, although she admits she and Aaron designed the home around the iconic Concrete Nation Oasis bath.

 “If we had to pick one, it would be at twilight when the sky turns pink and the purple pool light is just starting the glow,” she said.

“We sit outside with all the windows and doors open and just enjoy the quiet.

 “From outside, you can look back into the house and take it all in. If we got to choose two favourites, it would be the huge bathtub and master ensuite. We re-designed the space a hundred times in different ways just so we could have it all work around the concrete bath as we really wanted that hotel and holiday feel.” 

Take a tour of this stunning property below. All images by the brilliant Andy Macpherson.