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IT has been a busy but rewarding start to the year at Concrete Nation HQ.

As well as working on a plethora of upscale residential and commercial projects, we have been busy moving from our humble showroom and workshop on Ern Harley Drive into a much bigger property nearby on William Banks Drive at Burleigh Heads.

We are lucky enough to be working with the brilliant Rose Grayson and Gina Dawson from Gold Coast interior architecture and design studio, Studio Yugen, on the design of the new showroom, which is our dream space.

It was important to us to collaborate with the incredible pool of talent and brands here on the Gold Coast, and Rose and Gina have pulled the concept together by working with some of our favourites such as These Walls, Three Balls Red, Soktas, ABI Interiors, MG Cabinetry, Bowden Welding Service.and Good Wood Supply Co.

 “It is an interior designer’s dream to put together a concept for a brand that perfectly aligns with our company’s view of great design - forward thinking, innovative and overly creative,” creative director Rose told us. “This project will be a fantastic representation of Studio Yugen's work and something Concrete Nation will be very proud of.”

 Rose says the showroom will be an expression of Studio Yugen's aesthetic whilst being sensitive to what people are currently inspired by. 

 “Our number one priority was to create not just a beautiful space that is a perfect balance between conceptual and functional, but to design the perfect backdrop to showcase Concrete Nation's beautiful handmade products,” she says. “To achieve this, we decided to use a soft, calming palette with a simplistic pride. Innovation was added through the meticulous design details. Clients will walk through the front door and want to explore everywhere possible enjoying a journey through the products, rather than being able to view everything at one glance. 

 “Considering Concrete Nation's product is fundamentally handmade, we wanted to express soft curves into the overall interior language. The raw, unrefined concrete plinths express concrete in a unique way and is a conceptual way of showing how their signature material can be manipulated to create the beautiful basins which sit on top.”

 Needless to say, Team Concrete Nation are overwhelmed with excitement right now and we can’t wait to show you the final product.

Once again, we want to thank Rose and Gina and all of the other suppliers and brands involved in this very special project. Watch this space! 

Rose and Gina of Studio Yugen

Rose and Gina of Studio Yugen