THERE are so many incredible projects and collaborations going on at Concrete Nation HQ but we couldn’t do what we do without our incredible team.

 As part of our ongoing Meet the Team series, we’d like to introduce our sales associate, Emily Dumbrell.

The supremely talented Emily recently completed her Interior Design degree at the Queensland University of Technology [QUT] and we were lucky to have her join our team late last year.

 Here, we chat to Emily about interior trends, her dream home and her go-to lifestyle brands. 

 You are an interior design graduate. What sparked your love of design?

I think from an early age I’ve always had a creative flair. My dad is quite creative, so I think it just rubbed off on me. My schooling also helped a lot as I got to study a certificate of Interior Design in Year 10 so the passion just continued. 

If you were to design your dream home, what would it look like?

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Kim Kardashian’s house is goals! The clean, crisp and minimal design of the entire home is so me … but please don’t get me started on the bathroom, phenomenal. 

What/who are your design inspirations?

Design studios I have always sought inspiration from - especially throughout my studies - would be Arent & Pyke, Ritz & Ghougassian and Mim Design. The list could go on, but these Australian designers are pure talent. 

Any interior trends/styles you love at the moment?

I’m loving that coloured concrete is so on trend now and as clichéd as that may seem, it excites me.

I’m also loving Moroccan Influences such as terracotta and that the Australian palette are the new kids on the block; they each individually truly connect indoor spaces with outside. 

What do you love most about architectural concrete?

I love its versatility, how it can be manipulated into any architectural form and colour as well as its natural raw form and tactility. 

Your favourite Concrete Nation project and why?

This is a hard one! Since I started with the company, I have completed so many beautiful projects, however something I am proud of would be our recent feature in Inside Out magazine with our Soft Gold Amalfi Basin. 

Can you share some of your favourite lifestyle brands, aside from Concrete Nation, of course!

I have too many to choose from however I would have to say Pop and Scott, Country Road Home, Sunday Lane and the ever so talented Jai Vasicek.

If you could work with an interior designer/stylist/architect on a project, who would it be?

Gloss Creative for sure. I fell in love with temporal scenes like set design, retail and installations at the end of my studies. I would love to work alongside them one day; their work and creative direction are like no other.


Amy Mills