We have been following the career of interior designer Jacinta Platt, the lady behind interior design firm, Design Scout, for some time. Known for her classic, contemporary yet individual style, Jacinta's talents have taken her to LA, the Philippines and Singapore and have cemented her as one of the most in-demand young stylists on Australia's East Coast. Concrete Nation spent time with the Kingscliff creative to chat trends, her current projects and her decorating tricks.

What would you say is your signature style?

My signature style is classic contemporary. In every project, creating classic bones is a MUST. You want to create a foundation that will not date and will work if a situation changes and you need to sell. Once you have the base, I like to add colour, personality and quirky accessories that relate to the client or home. For example, I'd incorporate a cool surfboard if they were a beach-going client.

Can you tell us a little about your background and what led you to interior design?

I have worked in interior design for over 11 years. I was very lucky and given a job before completing my design course and things unfolded from there. Interior design wasn't always my first love, though, it was actually textiles. I requested a sewing machine for my 12th birthday and spent years making clothes, jewellery and bags. I have a love affair with fashion and always thought I would work in the industry. Unfortunately, my mum was diagnosed with cancer around the time it came to selecting my tertiary study so the interior design course I enrolled in enabled me to remain close to home to be with my family while still unleashing my creative juices into the world.

What are some current trends in interior design right now?

The current trend I love is Hollywood glamour. I love furniture companies such as Regency Distribution who create glamorous pieces that you can imagine would live in eccentric homes in the Hollywood Hills. I am also a mad fan of lilac and purple tones at the moment which is not something many of my clients would like in their home so that’s why I drawn to it. Pushing boundaries excites me. 

What have been some of your favourite projects to date?

I would say my favourite projects would be two exciting ones I'm currently working on. I am installing a fitness influencer on the Gold Coast’s head office in a few months and it has some really cool pieces in it. Another project I am working on will be the fourth project for this particular client and they are allowing me close to free rein. They also want to excite and intrigue visitors with quirky selections. We just purchased a large skull artwork that lights up for the entry.

What/who are some of your design inspirations?

Kelly Wearstler is brilliant, inventive and individual. I was fortunate enough to have a meeting with her years ago in LA. She is bold and daring and a #girlboss in the industry and someone I greatly admire. I also love following the Sydney girls Woods and Warner as they are fun and creative in their work.

What are some interesting projects you’re currently working on?

I have a stunning Hamptons-inspired coastal home, a contemporary penthouse - which includes concrete benchtops throughout - and a few other residential projects. The head office space I have designed for a local in the fitness industry will be really fun to see come to life upon install in December.

Do you have any rules when it comes to styling/decorating?

Rules are meant to be broken. Most of the projects that I find interesting are ones that use items or finishes you don't expect. After more than 10 years in the industry, a lot of people can create a 'nice' living room but to take the room to the next level so it’s more of an art installation is something I find really cool.

Don't limit your selections by what you think is ‘right’ - try new things. I have just finished reading a article on Architectural Digest about DJ Steve Aoki’s newly refurbished Las Vegas home and, although I may not have some of these items in my own home, I can really appreciate how he came to acquire a swing in his living room and street art graffiti in his 'play room'. Not following the rules definitely helps create works of art!

What are your thoughts on architectural concrete?

I love architectural concrete. Whether the application is a benchtop, a concrete floor or even furniture, concrete adds so much texture and interest to a space. It certainly creates a beautiful space and works so well with other products such as timber or tiles as its very versatile.

 Can you share a few design hacks/tricks with us?

Design tricks and hacks would include lots of floral and green elements to a home. I am a green thumb and love to bring the outside in, but this doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Using cuttings from bushes or trees in your garden and arranging them in a vase looks great. Last week, I stopped on the side of the road to discover a prickle pear cactus and simply broke the top off and placed it in a vase and now it sits on my kitchen bench growing roots and creating a sculptural element in the kitchen.

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Amy Mills