Creating world-class products by hand...

Every Concrete Nation piece is designed and handcrafted at our headquarters at Burleigh Heads, Australia. See the valued people behind our brand and the creative process - from inception to the design and development stages through to the distribution of our luxurious concrete products to homes and commercial spaces across the globe.

A luxury brand built on authenticity, craftsmanship and creativity….

Concrete Nation is more than just a brand. For our team of artisans, craftspeople and innovators, each unique, luxurious concrete piece tells a story. In a disposable society, each Concrete Nation bath, basin and vanity is meticulously designed to last a lifetime and handcrafted by our passionate team who truly love what they do.

Sample Raw Luxury

Order our sample set to see what sets us apart.

Sample Raw Luxury.

Order our sample set to see what sets us apart.